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Solution is the best part of the problem.

Management, Business and Strategic Consulting Services

problem. provides management, business and strategic consulting services to companies in various industries, while placing emphasis on the improvement and optimization of established processes after which focus is placed on business efficiency improvements.

The Process



Aims to learn as much information as possible about the client's business (industry, team, goals, struggles…).


Determines what improvements are necessary in order to achieve goals set by the company.

Implementation & Monitoring

A specific set of actions to be implemented while ensuring they are in alignment with the client's expectations and needs.


Romana Terzić

Romana Terzić

I am a hard core perfectionist with just the right balance which helps me improve things that may already seem perfect, and I understand when it’s best to stop. I see potential in everything surrounding me, I breathe improvements in all directions and I happily implement them whenever and wherever they are needed.

My focus is on finding solutions for any issue, situation and/or problem. I have run with roles of rapidly-increasing responsibility to think strategically while rolling up my sleeves to get things done. Colleagues and friends regularly approach me as an honest and detail-oriented person and always consult me while asking for solutions, answers and connecting the dots in unlikely ways.


Is synonymous with a professional approach while implementing clear solutions, and thus solving your problems.

Thanks to expert skills, knowledge and experience I have acquired in tourism, consulting and operational business consulting over the years, today I proudly offer a highly professional service that ultimately maximizes business efficiency with every client.

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